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PTI816 is an automatic test equipment which measures the impedance of all electronic components on a loaded printed circuit board. Components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET, SCR, LED, ICs, etc. are all the objects for this tester to detect.

    § modular hardware boards each function, a rich source to ensure the stability of the machine and increase the test coverage (measurable rate).
    § safety design: with photoelectric sensors, emergency button, such as multiple security design, guarantee operator safety.
    § support JTAG and Boundary scan of IC burn technology, improve product can be measured rate.
    § PTI816 line tester supports multiple operating system support and multi-language version.
    § ATPD automatically generate and debug.
    § complete test statistics and reports generated and automatically saved, not because of power outages and lost data.
    § system has perfect self-diagnostic / self-detect function and remote control function
    § Board View feature instantly displays the bad elements, pin-point location, easy maintenance, repair instantly displays the string of bad elements / parallel situation in the Board View, making online testing and online rework efficiency, reduce maintenance costs.


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